Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Pathetic World of Losers, Liars, and Greedy War Lords!

By Nan S.
I am in the mood to write today about the world of pathetic morons and greedy overlords but I am more in the mood to make people aware that unless we change, the road will not end well.  The fact is that we are living is a world where most are still enjoying their deep sleepiness.  A world where everyone talks, debates, writes, and discusses the problems but never seems to have a solution to it.  As the apocalypse marches on, many of us are going around and about doing our daily things like it is business as usual.  No one seems to be quite awake yet or they have decided to just pretend that the problem does not exist at all while the evil doers continue to do whatever they can to make sure that every moment that we spend in this place that they will make every last one of us be as miserable as possible.  Many people tell me to just ignore it but this is something that nobody should close their eyes to.  When you close your eyes to impending destruction, there is no way that you can protect yourself from the impending destruction.
We all know too well that the money grubbers are controlling us but do we really know exactly if they are the only entities in control?  Let’s say perhaps that there is a very real legit possibility that something is controlling them.  What might that be and exactly how deep does it go?  Where is the source and how might it be destroyed?  In other words, how many puppets do we have to go through to find the real monster? Whatever is in control of this show is a very powerful entity and it does appear that it is on a mission to destroy all of humanity.
We can sleep walk around and pretend that all is well.  We can be half awake or even less awake and complain, post, share, and write to our heart’s content about how bad it is and that we think that we have all the answers but we still really have very few answers.  Do you actually think that they are going to allow the answers to get out so easily?  I do believe however that the truth is starting to manifest itself into our reality and it will only be a matter of time before it unveils itself completely for all to see.  This is why I must say that none of us are fully awake yet.
There is a power-of -good lurking behind the scenes trying to get the answers to us and rescue us from this nightmare in which we now live.  Never stop believing in the Power of Good.  Where there is evil, there is good.
What we need to do is learn to stop allowing this evil presence to divide us because if we are not united as a people, the less likely that the truth will be able to present itself to us.  We are all together in this.  Nothing in our physical, monetary, and social make-up should be allowed to interfere with that.  This is not a game and time is running out for us to be messing around with who is better and who is not.  When I browse all the groups, message boards, and other social media outlets, I often see people arguing over things like political leanings, social statuses, religious beliefs, skin colors, and many other issues that only create division and hatred.  Because we are divided, we are not united and this works best for the powers that be.
They want to keep us distracted and by making us argue and fight over such insignificant claptrap, we are less likely to find the real answers or develop a plan to stop this nasty machine that just doesn’t want to stop.  It is like an infinite hamster wheel that refuses to stop or an endless hall with no exit.  If we quit arguing and fighting then we will become more still and quiet.  If we do that, the truth will be able to speak to us because we will be listening to what it has to say.
The truth will come out and what we learn at the end of this all will be beyond anything we could ever imagine.  It will be like coming out of an amnesia state.  Slowly it will open itself up to us just like how an amnesia patient’s memories slowly present themselves.  It is only a matter of time but the key is for us to quit allowing all the distractions to keep us from the knowledge of truth. Truth isn’t always pretty.  In fact, sometimes it can be just downright horrid but the alternative will be much worse.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This Nightmare will not end until people make it end!.

By Nan S.

I am very disappointed in the human race for allowing this to go on as long as we have.  We are still slaving for these scumbags.  Every single day, we still continue to obediently pay their taxes, work their jobs, attend their dumbed downed version of education, send our children to fight their wars by destroying other innocent people, and listen to their mainstream lies that their version of news spews.  We continue to watch them destroy nature through the use of weather modification, failing nuclear power plants, toxic chemical spraying of our vegetation, and pollution just so they can make more profits.  The trees are dying, the animals are dying, and many of us are shriveling up and dying, too.  The infrastructure in our cities and towns look like shit and we pretend that this is normal.
We are even afraid to even suggest that something has gone amiss because every single time we do it, we treat each other as if we are crazy for seeing the obvious. Since when was common sense considered insanity? I don’t know whether people are just suffering from fear, apathy, cognitive dissonance or whether they have just become that STUPID!   You people are more concerned about football, reality shows, and watch immoral rubbish that makes people act like idiots like The Jerry Springer Show on your televisions.
For me, I hate this world the way it is. It looks completely dead and I should not be denied of any of the resources that nature has given me and neither should you.  The money system was designed to create a system where the usurpers could take and take from us while we toil and slave to make their products while they do nothing at all but use us because they think that they are better than the rest of us.  The evil schemes that they continue to use against us never ever apply to them.
Why do we let them rule over us like they are Gods and we are some kind of an inferior race?  Is this all the better you people think of yourselves that you will continue to allow them to take more and more from us until there is nothing left for us to enjoy in this life?  They should have been put in prison long time ago but you people continue to kiss their asses.
Duh, if these despotic pigs who are ruling over us think that we are too pathetic and stupid to run our lives, we are doing a very wonderful and amazing job of proving them right.
I don’t care what anybody thinks of me for stating the facts.  Hate me if it makes you feel better.  Go on to get along like you have been but you will be surprised in the end to find out that I and others like me were correct.  The problem with that is that it may be too late to fix it and you will drag the rest of us down with you as well as your children who should have never had to live in a world such as this.  If you do not care what happens to you, FINE, but you must fight to make a better world for your children even if you do not value your own lives enough to do so.
Like me, those children never asked to end up in this nightmare which is unfit for humanity.  They wanted to live in a world full of color and beauty not this black and white dying death trap in which we live now.
If you think that some divine or mystical entity is going to magically appear and extract us from this, you are only fooling yourselves.  If you think our controllers are going to fix this, you are living in a fog.  They hate us, think we are useless eaters, and only care about how productive we can be to aid them in their avaricious endeavors.
I have no doubt that we were put here to be tested and that if we ever want to make it into the upper levels, we must prove ourselves.  Being STUPID is just as bad as being the usurpers. You give them consent to do this to all of us because you go along with it.  This means that you are part of the problem instead of the solution.  If you think that this is not bad enough like some of us do, it is going to get worse and worse.
They may say that they can solve all our ills if we join their New World Order but that will mean we have to give up all our rights and become full time slaves to them.  They will then be able to do whatever the hell they want to us and it will be the faults of those who refused to wake up.  Quit giving into a system that benefits nobody but the elite.
Some of you are still busy being distracted with stupid things like fighting over political parties but if you are not yet able to see that both parties are the same and are in service to the same miserable animal, then there is not much hope left for you in regards to ever having a chance of waking up from this and we need to all wake up, NOW! I am tired of sitting by and waiting for our demise!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The snafus that comprise society now

By Nan S
The conformist attitudes
What to do:  Society now is heartless and we are all slaves to it. You and I are not the low lives. It is the psychopath criminal bankers and their puppet governments that are sucking us all dry that are the scumbags of the earth and if everyone starts to wake up instead of putting price tags on humans, maybe we can all dismantle this greedy system together.
People need to start loving each other again instead of judging each other by monetary worth.  We need to throw our TV’s onto the trash heaps in the Landfills, quit listening to all the claptrap that the schools are spewing, quit listening to the mainstream pressitutes, listening to our Pastors or priests, Psychologists and other shrinks.  We need to listen to that inner spirit inside each of us.  Quit trying to fit in with this society and attempting to keep up with the Joneses.  People are being denied healthcare and all of their basic needs. Now they want to steal all of our integrity from every single last one of us and yet we are allowing them to get away with it.  Many of us are still worshipping them and hurting other good people just because of their social statuses in life.  This makes no sense.  Wake up people and quit being so STUPID!!
 The Coup D’├ętat of America
After 911, all hell broke out and the whole shebang just started escalating.  But even though it seemingly appeared like it all started going sour after 911, the actual date that United States gave up its sovereignty was when President Wilson signed the Federal Reserve into law on December 23, 1913.  Most people think that the Federal Reserve is part of the government but it is a private entity owned by the bankers. The act enables the bankers to print money out of thin air and charge the rest of us through interest which turns the American tax payers into debt slaves while they walk off with all our money. In fact, they invented the money system so that they can keep us from enjoying our resources and eventually take every last resource away from us in order to take full control over every single last one of us and we are buying into the scheme-hook, line, and sinker! If you would like to see how bad the Federal Reserve is sticking the finger to us, you can check it out here: http://www.infowars.com/11-reasons-why-the-federal-reserve-should-be-abolished/
The Reason 911was done?
911 was not done by a bunch of Muslim Arabs with box cutters like the official story stated.  It was achieved by the CIA and Israeli Mossad. “A joint team of CIA and Mossad shadow warriors supervised contract laborers who planted the explosives in the weeks and months prior to the controlled demolitions. At the same time, electronic guidance systems were tested and retested on large airplanes. Nothing was left to chance. “
“Planners achieved enormous personal fortunes, dictatorial power and a furtherance of a debased nationalism. Israel, which supplied various Mossad loyalists (demolition experts?) months in advance, gained the destruction of her enemies. Pentagon generals achieved promotions. Wall Street masterminds achieved billions in profits with the complete destruction of SEC records (When WTC-7 was demolished). Silverstein, the WTC landlord, achieved hundreds of millions in damage claims. Intelligence orgs achieved massive influx of money, tens of billions, as did the Pentagon. Religious autocrats achieved a new crusade. While the risks were great---for all involved---the rewards were far greater.” (1)
Also, here is a video on the latest about 9/11 that you should check out about how the 9/11 case has been reopened :  https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1luncm_9-11-case-reopened-by-federal-judge_news
Zionism and religious indoctrination
Israel thinks they are God’s special people and Christians have been hoodwinked through their religions to believe that gentiles are all inferior to Jews which was all intended to trick Christians through indoctrination so later on most people in America would not put up a fight to stop Israel from terrorizing and brutally killing Palestinians just so Israel could confiscate their land from them.  Anyone with any kind of a brain should have been able to figure that out long time ago.  No one is chosen...and Israel is comprised of Rothschild Zionists who are really Satanists. Yes, there are regular Jewish people like you and me, and these normal Jewish people who have been left in the dark just as much as the rest of us, do not believe they are chosen and they hate Zionism too. They are on the side of the Palestinians.
The Bible is awash with lies just like all religions. It is indoctrination for the masses pure and simple just so the Powers That Be can use us to unknowingly help fulfill their evil agendas.  Besides, why would a loving, omnipotent God choose one type of people over another?  To say this is to say that God is a racist and I doubt that such an entity would be racist unless the entity is Satan or it is a flat out lie. I am not telling you to quit your religions but just learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.  There is good and evil in everything but after you wake up and grow wise in a spiritual sense, you become able to discern evil and good on your own without the help of a religion.  Just remember, the planners have had their dirty hands on everything and this is why discernment is imperative.
Nature, Technology, and the food chain
There are many people who have decided that eating plants and animals is cruel and that is not always the case.  In regards to plants, chickens, or cows, the vegetation and some animals produce food for us to eat.  In the case of plants, they drop fruit for our consumption.  Chickens produce eggs for our consumption.  Cows produce dairy for our consumption.  None of these things harm the animals.  There is protein in eggs, vitamin D in Milk, and nuts have lots of protein as well.
So what I am getting at is the fact that now many people are saying that we are being cruel to plants even though many fruits and veggies are dropped from the plants to feed humans and animals. Some say that it is evil to eat meat but the truth is that animals also practice this act, too.  Examples:  Spiders weave webs to trap their prey, cats eat mice, bears eat fish, and wolves eat deer, and so on and so on.  It is a perfectly natural process called the food chain.
I consider these things nature’s gift to us even though we do not really deserve it the way we are destroying the earth and everything good that nature has to offer us just for the sake of greedy corporations and despotic monsters who want to enslave us all for whatever other disturbing hidden reasons they may have for doing this.
They are using technologies like GMOs, geoengineering, and vaccines to destroy humanity, animals, plants, and even bugs.  Our trees are dying, our weather is being modified, our earth is being radiated along with many of our foods, our foods are being poisoned with Round Up, and our bees are dying which is causing less pollination which is killing our plants yet these psychotic  nutbags are trying to say that the rest of us are destroying the ecosystems.
Too late to turn back the monster soon
Now they are planning on inserting microchips into each of us so they can have better control over us. This is sucky and I hope every single human on earth takes that power from them by refusing to be micro chipped.  Instead of everyone going along with it just so they can continue to go along in society this way because they think that they are too helpless to fend for themselves without some nanny grid ruling over us.  If we all refuse to go along, then we will go back to helping each other and they will lose every last bit of control that they have over us.
If we do not stop the machine now, it will not keep going on like the status quo.  It will just continue to erode to the point that we will all end up dead.  When the New world order is rolled out, they are planning on killing off 95% of us useless eaters.  You can say you do not believe me but maybe you should go check out their Agenda 21 plan or how Gates stated “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”  It is on the internet.  Google it! Oh wait! I will even do you better…Here is a link to him actually saying it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc16H3uHKOA  But Google these topics anyhow and enlighten yourself to all their wonderful plans for us!
This world is getting too sick for me. When are we going to stop this behemoth? You know that there will come a point in time when it is too late to be stopped. We can talk all we want about this but now it is time for some kind of action or it will be impossible to live in this place anymore because it will be unfit to live in.  If you really want to know how late it is, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4h20gAa9-Fc
Are you getting it yet?  Are you people going to hand your heads to them on a platter?

  1. How 911 Really Happened

Monday, March 10, 2014

Natural Order will always have her way! End of world or evolution of world?

By Nan S
“Where there is great doubt, there will be great awakening; small doubt, small awakening; no doubt, no awakening. “ Zen Proverb
I recently posted a video here called “Exploring the Depths of the Current Human Condition” and I encourage you all to watch it.  It dives deep into the fact that we are all sitting at a crossroads at this point in time and it depends on what we do from here on out as to which way it will go.  Do we want to fix the great planet earth or let it go to ruins? One thing is for certain, if we do not change soon, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that the ancient cultures did, and as a result, nature will have to make us go back and repeat the whole process again from scratch.
I believe that we are approaching a time where our biggest job is to make the world evolve to the next level.  So far, mission has failed and we have flunked the course so it always ends up having to be repeated over and over again.
We are not in tune with nature by the way we have been running things.  We have been given great knowledge over the years, but instead, we are using these technologies to destroy each other instead of to help the earth and each other.
Thinking, chemistry, environment
I liked what Bruce Lipton said about the stem cell experiment that he did, “I would isolate one cell, put it in a petri dish by itself and it would divide every ten hours or so. After about two weeks, I’d have thousands of cells in the petri dish. But what was important was every cell was genetically identical because it came from the same parent.
Then, what I did in my experiment – this is the part that blew my mind; because I was teaching in a medical school at the same time and I was teaching conventional story that genes control life – so here I am with this plate with thousands of genetically identical cells, I split them up into three groups and put them into three different petri dishes. I changed the culture medium with slightly different constituents in each of the three dishes. So, there are three dishes with cells in different environments, because the culture medium is the environment for the cell.
In one dish, the cells formed bone with the culture medium that I put in. A different culture medium in the second dish, the cells formed muscle. With the third different culture medium, the other cells formed fat cells.”
Then he went on to explain that they came from the same stem cell and since they were all exactly genetically identical, they still showed different fates. He made the culture medium somewhat different in each dish thus the question was what it was that was controlling the different fates of these cells?   Here was his explanation:
“I changed the fate of the cells by whatever chemistries in the culture medium.
A human body really by definition – this is funny if you think about it – a human body is a skin covered petri dish. It has 50 trillion cells living in it. So underneath your skin are 50 trillion cells in this giant petri dish. The culture medium for the cells is called “the blood.” If you change the chemistry of the blood, it’s the same as changing the culture medium in a plastic petri dish. So, the fate of the cells in my body is directly related to the culture medium – the blood and its chemistry.
Then, you find out, oh my goodness, the brain is like a chemist. The brain secretes the chemistry into the blood that changes the fate of the cells. But the brain doesn’t do this automatically. It does it in connection with our mind, our beliefs, and our perceptions.
So if you’re afraid, for example, if you live in fear, you’re releasing stress hormones into the culture medium (the blood) and that changes the fate of the cells as they get into protection. Or if you’re living in love, you’re releasing things like serotonin and dopamine chemistry into the blood. Those chemicals promote growth and harmony. So it’s just as you switch from love to fear, you change the chemistry of your blood, and the blood chemistry controls the fate of your cells. So, your mind is controlling the genetics of your cells.” (1)
It is really a vicious circle.  Environment determines the way we think and our thoughts determine our environment .  Knowing this is a real indication that we need to transform our thinking from fear and hatred to love before we can even begin to approach the disastrous mess that we now face in this world.
Also, if our blood chemistry is controlled by how we think, then it is fair to say that if we are living in an environment full of hatred, division, and negativity, we are setting ourselves up for poor health as well.  After all, negativity is a poison that eats away at our inner beings faster than our cells can regenerate themselves.  So is it a wonder why we are all so sick in this world today?  It also explains why our world is equally as ill. Eventually, if we let this go on, we will devolve instead of evolve because it also will destroy the cells in our brains which will turn us into dumb Neanderthals over time, which I think from the looks and actions of people these days, has already begun.
We are all connected
Another interesting thing that the film discussed was how everything and everybody is interconnected in this world and once we have awareness and we pass it onto the next person, it spreads and spreads until it gets to enough people that it becomes a way of life.  It works a lot like connecting the dots which connect the globe.  Unfortunately, only the bad stuff has been spreading like a nasty cancer but we can change that.  It is said that once 10% of the population wakes up, it does not take long for it to go viral.  So every time you share the truth online or offline, you are reaching more and more people.  It may take time for them to absorb it so you just have to keep on going with it until they finally get it.  Some will take longer than others depending on how corrupted they are.  I find it very difficult to reach very selfish people who have become so addicted to material objects and popularity that they have become impossibly blinded to anything outside their own self-interests but what they don’t realize is that it is not in their self-interest because what good is material wealth if it eventually destroys the world?  It is not like it lasts anyhow.  Material objects erode, break down, and fall apart where our souls live on.  Would it not be better to protect your soul then an object?
There was another interesting experiment in the film where a group of people were brought into a room.  Every one of them was in on the experiment except for one guy but he was led to believe that they were just like him and did not have any knowledge about it.  The person conducting the test was to go around the group to ask them to match up the correct line with the one shown off to itself like a multiple choice test.  I think there was like three different answers that you could choose from.  Each time they were asked, everyone in the group that was “in on it” gave the incorrect answer even though it was painfully obvious that it was not the correct answer.  The first time around, this happened, but the guy who was not “in on it” looked around real oddly because they were all giving the wrong answer but he went with his own thinking and answered it correctly that time.  Next time they still all answered it wrong and he looked around even more paranoid than before and gave into the group-think and he gave the same wrong answer as them.
This illustrates how so many of us know the truth and have the right answers but are willing to compromise our beliefs and knowledge to fit into the crowd.  We fear rejection to the point that we actually are willing to dumb ourselves down for the sake of belonging.  The other reason that the film illustrated was that we tend to doubt ourselves about what we know to be the truth because we feel less self-worthy than the others in society because they are the majority.  We think that they must be correct and we missed the size of the line because everyone else in the group said it was the other way.
This happens in our society through groups like religion, politics, and various groups.  We have been incrementally fed wrong answers throughout our existence that now the majority of us just follow it.
To belong
People require a sense of belonging but society’s sense of belonging is the wrong approach because it is selfish and heartless and only creates even more misery.  It goes against nature.  It goes against unity.  It goes against progress.  It divides and conquers. It destroys relationships and families. It creates loneliness and unhappiness.  It creates poverty and destruction.
People that set standards that material wealth is all that matters usually step on everyone they can to get from point A to point B.  They judge others unfairly claiming that they are being punished for the decisions that they have made in life when it is greedy people like them who created the suffering of the ones that are suffering because they stepped on everyone they could to get from point A to point B.
A real sense of belonging is only acquired when love is involved and not too many of us have even an inkling of that left inside us.  We are turning into barbarians.  A good example of that is to go to Walmart during Black Friday.  Watch how people tear each other apart just so they can get a cheaply made Chinese product for a cheaper cost made on the backs of cheap foreign labor. People have been known to be killed, shot, and trampled on during these events.
The more that hatred and greed takes over the world, the more depressed and unsatisfied humans become.  This is when all chaos breaks out.  Humans need love and if they do not get it, then they go crazy, become suicidal or even homicidal. Selfishness always leads to this yet we just continue to be selfish.
With that said, I will leave you with this:
“Take a moment to remember who you are.   -Who you really are.  You’ve been exposed to sociological indoctrination coming in all shapes and sizes your entire life.  You’ve been given a steady stream of bad information to gradually lure you off your true course.  You have been pressed into a mold and pressed into service.  You have been labeled, stamped, sealed and approved over and over again.  But you are much more to me than a number, a rank, a title or consumer.
You are Human- and for that I am most grateful.  Don’t let anyone slowly woo you into thinking you are something less than beautiful or perfect.   Beware of toxic but addictive phrases such as “born into sin” or “I want to be part of something bigger than myself” and words to that effect.   There IS nothing bigger than that which you already are!  You are a fractal of Creator.  You are the shining ones.
The powers of gradualism are muted when the mind has been awakened.   Once you see the light with an unfettered mind you can always find your way back home.
It’s never too late to regain the rudder.  Take a moment and behold the sight.  You are the captain.  The Universe is your sea.” (2)
Work cited:
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2.   Cold Shock and the Modality of Gradualism
3.  Exploring the Depths of the Current Human Condition

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Everyday Forevermore Maybe

By Nan S
Spring is coming, but in the last several years, it’s as though winter lasts all year round.  Many people are becoming quite cold…No…I take that back…ice cold! In fact, if it gets any colder, penguins are going to pop up everywhere.  We have turned a would-be paradise into a cold, dark, empty planet where love has been turned on its head.  Outside in a never-never land of hatred, ruin, and a toxic world, we pass each other every day and instead of a joyful hello or smile, we act as though we fear each other.
People judge each other for all the wrong reasons and sow more and more animosity every second of every minute of every hour of each day, and fail to forgive each other for the smallest things.  Make no mistake about it; even families are turning on their very own family members over things like material wealth and other social standards.
In a demanding world such as the world as it stands now, people will only enter your life for very short durations and then they are gone and it seems like as long as you have enough money to keep them happy, they will stay.  Lose the money and the whole friendship collapses in on itself or another relationship goes up in smoke.
Men and women in competition with each other
In fact, when I am in relationships, men tend to fear that I may become a gold digger probably because so many women use men for so called “providers” and that is not something you get into a relationship for but women were brainwashed for so many years to think that the only purpose of having a spouse is for them to provide for them, open their car doors for them, and do all the manual labor around the house for them when they should be responsible enough to want to learn to do these things themselves.  So many women like this end up getting out of shape and then complain about it and whose fault is it that they make their husbands do every single thing for them?  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of lazy guys that expect the woman to do it all too but it is about women doing it that is socially promoted and men just do not trust us anymore because it is so widely endorsed that they must always be the providers, so men automatically think every woman who comes around just wants that and does not really care about him.
This is not about who is employed and who is not either. We all know that jobs are becoming an endangered species and soon there will be plenty of people who will not be able to be providers.  As long as we allow those psychotic vipers to run everything, humans will soon be obsolete, and machines will take our place.  However, not until they have worn us all down to nothing through slavery, lack of sleep, and constant stress.
So what it all adds up to is that our controllers on the top tiers decided long ago to use this as one of the many ways to destroy the family structure.  This is clearly another Divide and Conquer Weapon!  For me, it has become so bad that men seem to feel that they need to wait on me hand and foot when I would rather do everything myself or do it equally with him.  Being a young widow for so many years, I have been on my own for so long that it is liberating to be able do everything that I am capable of doing myself so I really would only want a guy because I want him for what he has to offer me from what is inside his soul.  I do not care about all that material stuff and no one else should either. Besides, this makes women feel like they are less proficient than men and this also causes resentment.  I am not trying to find a marriage partner but I am mentioning this because it happens so frequently in our society now and this is what our children have to look forward to when looking for relationships these days. How will they trust their partners with such age old propaganda?
Now that I mentioned young people, I really dislike when people downgrade single parents.  It is not easy to be parent but to be a single parent is tough work if you are doing it right.  You may not get paid for it but that does not mean that it is something that is easy to do.  It requires you to be both a father and a mother and it also requires that you raise your kids with good morals and values.  Not the morals and values that a certain group of Christians think that are good morals and values.  You have to be willing to be your child’s best friend or else they will not listen to what you are trying to teach them and you could very well impair their lives forever if you resort to verbal and emotional beatings like so many parents do.
It is bad enough that this society is overly harsh and demanding of us now but a parent should always have a willing and open heart to share with their children without calling them failures or worthless when they make mistakes, and yes, I know parents who actually do this to their kids.  After all, if you insult them like that, they are more likely to grow up making even worse mistakes.  If you understand them, they will be more likely to take what you have to say to them to heart and less likely to end up doing things like drugs when they get older.  They will be more successful as well because they will have more confidence in themselves than those children that are constantly being told that they will never amount to anything.  When you are there for them early on, when they do run into problems, they will feel more comfortable to come back to you and ask you what they should do.
Let’s face it, they are our future so we need to love them, encourage them, and correct them in a loving way.   So we need to quit judging good parents and it does not matter whether they are single, widowed, or married as long as they are being a devoted and loving parent.  There is not a lot of those left today so appreciate them!
We measure each other to see who is more marginal
People are very superficial and they look at things like success,  how social you are, how many friends or family that you have, what rumors that they hear about you, whether you are the same race as them, gay or straight, what religion you are, how crooked your teeth are, how much you weigh, whether your married or single, how popular you are, whether you have a nice car or a clunker or ride the bus, whether you have a college degree or not, whether you own a house or rent an apartment or live in a trailer or in your parent’s basement, whether you are going to a two year college or to grad school, and everything under the sun.
The things that people should be looking at are the very inner essence of the soul, how we treat one another, whether we follow and obey society or whether we think outside the balloon, whether we care about people for who they are, and if we will be there when they need us most.
Evil has a way of festering until it explodes, spreads, and shatters.  The more it spreads, the worse conditions get on this sphere.  We need to start by changing how we think.  We all have access to this inside us but we do not take the time to listen to that inner conscience that tugs at us every time we decide to do the wrong things.  Often enough, the only way we really listen or understand it is when we suffer the consequences from our mistakes but maybe it will be too late at that point.
Appearance isn’t everything
I have noticed that it is even difficult to get anyone to post articles on their websites unless the writer has a big huge elaborate BIO like they learned to write blogs by going to a four year college to do so.  I have seen many people who write blogs, and surprisingly, many who put up those kinds of great biographies do not always write the greatest blogs.  Some do but some do not.  Just like some who never went to college write great articles and some do not.  You are either good at it or you are not.  It depends on whether it is your thing or not.  So many of us have so much to offer with different skills and talents but it is so often ignored because of superficial titles.  We all have so much to offer, but in this world, many of the things we do goes unnoticed and unused because we do not possess popularity or wealth.  This happens with almost everything we do in life and the reason is that the corporate colleges want to use us to extort more money out of us.
We go to colleges to earn a label and we pay out of the ass for it.  Most of the time we can never pay it all back so we are left with a title and nothing to speak for it but a nice BIG debt monkey which latches on to us and never goes away.  Even if we are lucky enough to find employment in the profession that we went to school for, we owe so much on the debt in which we have accumulated over the years, that we have very little left over to do anything else with.  It is a giant Ponzi scheme just like everything else that they do to us to get all our money.
In a better world, we would not need to do that.  Those of us who have learned a trade would teach newbies the trade until they become good enough to put it into practice.  Many things do not require an expensive college degree but more and more trades and skills require you to go to college and earn a degree these days just so they can syphon more money out of us.
A final thought
What I am getting at here is that this is one of the reasons that this world is in the situation that it is.  We depend on the usurpers running things on top instead of each other and nothing ever gets resolved because we are unwilling overlook each other’s imperfections long enough to pull ourselves together as a people and if we never pull ourselves together, there is no chance that we will ever be able to stop them from turning this world into a living nightmare.  This is what it will be if we continue to allow them to perpetuate the laws.
Many people think that some dynamic divine entity is going to step in and save the day, but in actuality, it is us that will have to.  It will require that most of us wake up and stop it before it happens and if we don’t then the intervention will be the natural order who will have to do a total reset and that will mean the end to human civilization for the most part. Yes we will eventually come back but we will have to start all over again.
People never learn and hatred is a poison and it is so destructive to our civilization but so many people continue to hate and be destructive anyhow. They would rather do that then to unite with each other and work to make this a better world. Further, I think the whole purpose of this life on planet earth is for us to learn but sadly very few of us ever do so we have to keep repeating the same process until we do.
We cannot disregard each other any longer and expect things to change.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Slaving for the Roaches

By Nan S

I have been busy thinking and thinking about the condition of people and our planet and I must tell you that it does not look very promising.  You see, people have been conditioned for a very long time to think that collectiveness is bad and that is only if we collectedly follow the elitists like cows following them to be slaughtered which I see far too many people doing.   Those psycho-monsters above us want us to believe that it is bad because if we mutually stand together then that is when we are most likely to stand against them.
People have become so automated and very difficult to reach except for on Facebook.  Most of the time, we are devising new methods to attack each other.  We have been taught that money makes us who we are and we judge according to that.  If you don’t have it then you are tossed away into the garbage and forgotten until someone needs you for something.  When I talk to people, they will talk and talk about their problems but when you approach them with a problem, they either run the other way or they just talk over you while you are trying to convey what is bothering you.  We have become so self-absorbed, that we have forgotten each other’s needs.  This is becoming more and more of a norm in our society and it is accelerating.
What we need to do is stop hating each other and collectively cut off their (these psycho-monsters) lifeblood and stop buying their products, stop working for them, stop obeying our governments, stop fighting their wars, stop paying their taxes, and start our own local governments with regular people not psycho-billionaires.   We also need to band together and put them behind bars with our own newly made legal system and make sure that they are never ever allowed to walk the streets again.
We all have some kind of skill.  For example, some of us own livestock, most of us can plant, and many of us hunt or can learn to hunt, some of us know how to build and the possibilities are endless! We can rebuild this country without them because if we let this go on, we are not going to have a country left to build.  Please keep in mind that most of us are going to have to agree to do this so this is why it is very imperative that we all learn to respect each other and tear down the walls of division.
You have an issue if you think that there is a difference between Republican and Democrat. Both are catering to the 1% and could care less for us. WE need to quit voting! They are all frauds and feudal lords.  Knowing this should make you refuse to vote because if you vote for these poor excuses of genetic junk, you are responsible for the continued obedience to these bags of garbage, and why would you want to be considered a gullible human slave to anyone?
The richer people get, the more corrupted they get! This is why I am not sure I would want to be rich! It would destroy any kind of good karma that I have earned in this life so far and this is not a chance that I will willingly take!  I also have a funny suspicion that soon many people will be taking a very deep nosedive into the big dumpster of poverty, and depending on how well off they were before the crash will determine how painful the fall will be.  Anybody in the middle class is not immune from this, either (even the upper middle classes and other well-to-do people).   Many of these folks like to pick on the ones underneath them but what they are failing to understand is that the people at the lowest tier are so used to carrying all the weight of all the rest who are at the top of them and they have developed much more muscle in them to withstand much more weight before it crushes them.   Just know that the gap is going to get wider and wider before there is nothing left but the 1% and then the rest of us who will be living in third world conditions.  If you ever seen some of those poor starving African kids that you sometimes see in magazines, then you can rest assure that this is what our future will hold for every last one of us if we do not fix this mess soon.
If this country was ever completely locked down, it would require them to be able to grab all our guns, yes?  They do not understand simple logic because many Americans have stockpiled illegal guns.
In the event that there is a complete economic disaster, many people will go rioting the stupid way but the smart person is the one who hides until the masses kill each other and then comes out and gathers the food afterwards!
Don't you see, those clowns in Washington DC (Republicans and Democrats) are working for the crony capitalist bankers and they just want to confiscate more and more of our money! People, it is time to fight for what is rightfully ours but we can do it in such a way that we will not all get killed before we have a chance to win!
Obama would rather default the country and make massive cuts to ordinary Americans. For example, the only purpose of Obamacare is to feed the pig. Ever see those commercials?  No one should have to be punished with paying a fine just because they cannot afford healthcare and the employers are using this to punish the workers even further just so they can cut their work hours even more. It is a double whammy for the working class!
This country is not the greatest nation anymore and it is turning into a police rogue state that goes around bullying other countries and its own citizens. Yep...Every single one of them are and both parties are Zionist owned pieces of garbage and none of them can be counted on. It is time that people wake up and see that both parties are married to each other, married to Israel with all her wars, and have the same exact agendas on all accounts.  Soldiers fighting the greedy corporal wars just to be torn to pieces during combat and if they are lucky to make it back alive, they are treated as if they are nothing but dirt by their own country.  Many are left impoverished and homeless.  Now, in certain states, they are sending many of our veterans to jail because they want to stay warm because they were denied what they rightfully earned fighting our selfish wars and left homeless.
Guess what? Now it is also becoming a crime in many places in the US and UK to even be allowed to be homeless when it was them who put these people in this situation to begin with and that is all because the prisons have become greedy corporations and are making a profit from it.  It is not really about money, it is about controlling us.
The system has been set up this way so they can bring about Agenda 21 and turn this world into a Hunger Games-like scenario.   This way they will have tighter control over all of us because we will be depopulated and squashed into small places. The Hunger Games is the best comparison I can give to explain their Agenda 21 idea which they have been building into their NWO schemes for quite some time.  You should read up on this and get familiar with it.
Don’t blame each other.  Blame NAFTA. Blame the bankers for bankrupting us with their faulty wars, Ponzi schemes, and by printing money out of thin air while charging the United States the interest which is put onto the American people to foot. Blame the White house for doing their bidding instead of ours. We are all victims of their greediness and madness so we should be furious with them. It is going to get worse before it is all done!  Like a criminal, we may as well have a ball and chain attached to us.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Abhorrence and the way it divides us

Abhorrence and the way it divides us
BY Nan S
One of the reasons United States has become such a hell hole is because no matter where we go, we always find that someone is hating on another group for no real good reason and we have become so focused on looking for flaws in each other that we have very little time to look at the real problems.  This has also slipped into the alternate news stream.  People write completely good stories until I get to the part where they start pointing blame at someone that they really shouldn’t and sometimes it gets really ugly.  They insult gay people when being gay is clearly not the issue.  Why do they care so much about something that is not hurting them at all?  They are so worried about whether it is a choice but so what if it is.  We have free will and as long as no one is being physically or mentally harmed by it, why is it a problem?  If they do not like it, they do not have to be one. The gay community does much the same thing to straight people and I also have a problem with this.  I am very much against the hatred that the LBGT is spewing about how all straight people are homophobes and even getting the gay people to hate their family and friends because of this.  It is clearly another divide and conquer weapon invented by the controllers.
People in the United States have to have someone to pick on all the time or they are not happy at all.  I have noticed this attitude with some Christian and anti-Zionist crowds.  The anti-Zionists are quite justified when they complain about Israel and how wrong it is for her to torture the Palestinians and how Israel is buying off our politicians to do all their dirty work.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is a fact but some Christians are going along with this as well and are just as guilty as the Jews for this.  So the problem is that the globalists are using religion as a tool to divide us and a tool for violence and a tool to get everything that they want out of us.  They are not really Jews or Christians.  They just use that as a front to make themselves look good and to bamboozle the population into fighting with each other.  These evildoers are Jesuits which is Satanism to be exact yet we are so gullible that we ignore it.
I have no doubt that there are good Christians and good Jews but they are regular people who are not the extremist types.  Both Christians and Jews have their different sects and some groups are not taught to be bigoted. For example: The neocon Christians do not seem to be for anything that Jesus taught because they unrighteously  judge people based on things like their social positions in life, or they make fun of Muslims and different races.   I will not generalize to the point that I will say all of them do this but many of them do and Jesus taught us to love one another irregardless of how much money they have.  Jesus taught that we are all equal and if we are equal then that means that we are the same in his eyes.    I am not a religious person myself but I would much prefer to be Catholic if I was because they seem to be more open minded and less judgmental towards others. I imagine that this happens in the Jewish religion as well and that there are more tolerant groups. You are not going to find them at the top.  That is for sure.   I still think it is best to avoid religion and think for yourself.  If you follow other beliefs then they are not your own and then you run into the danger of being narrow minded and in many cases you end up alienating good people and contributing to the domino effect of division and you shut yourself off from learning important things that may protect you in the end.
There has been some blogs that I have read that spew so much rubbish about others that I do not know why people in Alternate News post that kind of junk.  I just read one recently where a certain depraved individual posted that the unemployed are Fat, Stupid and lazy even though this loser knows that there are actually very few jobs left ,and add insult to injury, just decided to blame it on them when they are struggling to even survive.  He tried to say that it is learned helplessness when they have no control about the state of this economy and what the greedy rich are doing to us all through their trade agreements which are shipping all the jobs to places like China and replacing the good jobs with crappy robot slave wage ones without any kind of benefits.  To put someone down because they are not able to find work makes you look stupid.  The individual who keeps saying this gets paid to do what I do here for free and lots of money and he is very well to do just because he was lucky.  He never probably had to suffer to make ends meet in his whole miserable life and so it is easy for him to judge others but one day his luck might just run out and what will he do?  Will he starve and go homeless like he expects others to do?  I doubt it! He also says that because they have to use benefits that they love Obama.  That is the biggest and most stupid generalization I have ever heard and his little followers agree with him.  For one thing, so called Obamaphones started under Bush’s watch. They (the self-righteous right winged extremists) are  very sad foolish human beings that need to suffer a little so they lose that selfish cold ego that most of that group possesses.  They are so sure that it will not happen to them and that they are perfect people whom it could never happen to but it will eventually catch up with them, too.  Life has a way of biting you in the ass so you had better watch how you treat others because it could be you next and people like you will probably be ill prepared to deal with losing all your precious material wealth.  People who have had to struggle have learned how to deal with having nothing and new ways to adjust to it so they will be able to deal with it much better than the spoiled losers who hate the poor.
What about the racist losers who are so ignorant and undeserving of life because they say ignorant things like black people have a smaller brain or they look like ugly apes?  I have seen plenty of stupid and ugly people in all races and vice versa so this is clearly a very ignorant and stupid statement to make about another human being that may very well be the nicest and giving person you could ever meet.
If you think like this, you are no better than the very ones on top that you complain so much about and you really should not be writing articles because you are not qualified to pass your opinion.  You are a walking talking time bomb which will eventually implode in on yourself and no one will help you when it happens because you earned some pretty nasty karma for doing so.